The definition of a crochet addict is… ?


The beautiful model of yesterday’s photo shoot, Julie, had some experience knitting but had never tried crochet before.

Well, we could fix that here, of course.  So the first lesson began in the afternoon.  After a few huffs and puffs and an occasional twist or two, Julie began to find her rhythm with a crochet hook.

Julie took a break and went for an evening stroll in the village.  Returning with a selection of wild flowers (pictured), she made a fine bouquet that reflected her good eye colour, balance and appreciation of beauty in nature.   All good qualities for crafting.

It was not long before I saw the classic twitch of fingers and yearning looks towards the yarn.  Oh dear, I had spread the addiction further… another crochet addict was in our midst!

In companionable silence and occasional untangling moments, Julie and I crafted happy into the night.  Midnight approached almost unnoticed in the deceptively bright light that shines around the clock this far north in midsummer.  At quarter past, I turned in and left my friend to continue her new passion.

She stayed up to 2am.  Crocheting granny squares.

First statement on waking: how many squares she had completed.

First request after breakfast: to continue crocheting.

What is she doing now?: Sitting in the garden.  Crocheting.  That’s my girl! 🙂

It is fair to say she is hooked!

Perhaps this is the definition of a crochet addict, albeit a new one.

Believe me, I recognise all the signs… I’m off now, those squares won’t make themselves!

Happy crafting!


One response to “The definition of a crochet addict is… ?

  1. We have had a lovely visitor from Norway and hope she will come back to visit us again soon. Not only is she a good crocheter, she can cook too!

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