Midsummer Photo Shoot

Here in Jämtland, the mid-north of Sweden, I celebrated midsummer’s day with my Norwegian friend Julie.  With a thirst for coffee and a need for a sugar hit, we took fika at the cafe/shop/museum/cultural centre that is “Krokoms Gamla Lanthandeln.” This historical house contains an eclectic collection of handmade items, a sweet shop, a music room, cosy kitchen area, and much more.  Included in this mix of goodies, you may notice a table to one side with my own humble selection of hand-knitted hats.

In between offering top-ups of our coffee cups, Carina – in beautiful traditional dress and in rather confusing local dialect – played guitar and sang her own compositions.  Carina is a warm hostess with lots of energy and, as well as bringing life to the shop, she caringly tends to the colourful, floral garden and green grounds situated by the water.

The sun finally came out after a rather rainy morning.  A bit of a summer breeze still made this perfect hat weather and Julie and I made the most of this ideal photo opportunity.  The pictures above show my growing collection of hats: summer-light, cotton-cosy, colour-bursting creations inspired by the blooming flowers and harmonious surroundings.

Glad Midsommar!

PS Thanks to Julie Hasfjord for modelling so beautifully.

PPS Thanks to my Mum for treating us to fika. 😉


4 responses to “Midsummer Photo Shoot

    • Thanks Stephanie! And indeed Julie is a beautiful model. 😉 In particular, the hat I custom-made for her suits her well (toffee-cream base with dark red, green and yellow.)

    • Thanks! Julie has a fine collection of sweaters – she can’t help it as Norwegians have fantastic traditions in stranded knitting patterns and so they are naturally stylish! 😉

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