The Mad Hatter

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So, to the first post!

Living in Sweden is PERFECT if you like to a) wear hats, b) make hats, or even c) sell hats.  Why?  Well, the weather is “interesting” here.  The nearest town, here in the north of Sweden, is called the “winter city.”  For at least 6 months of the year it really is winter and it is COLD.  There is lots of snow.  Minus 20 or even minus 30 doesn’t phase the locals.  Just means lots of layers and definitely at least one hat.  Or two.  Layers are a way of life.

What about summer?  Well,  there are moments of glorious sunshine and many, many hours of daylight around the clock to keep blog writing late at night a reality.  However, the weather can change with the drift of new breeze from the mountains; suddenly the chill factor returns to startle many an unsuspecting head.  So again, time for a hat.  Just one this time.

Winter woolly warmers in tight textures often in double-stranded patterns for an extra thick knit.  Or cotton light, lacy, loose and free numbers for the more clement weather – and for a touch of yarn chic.  The hat is a classic form – especially in this climate – and I have thus become a mad hatter.

Inspired by a recent restoration project based on traditional granny squares, I came up with crochet hat designs in both wool and cotton.  The original model comprised of 5 squares sewn together with a crochet headband reduction in stripes.  The latest model uses a circular shape for the crown which gives a new beret shape and an improvisation I’d like to develop further…


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